Our team is what makes us truly special. We are almost soley comprised of former collegiate athletes who come from all walks of life and played on the collegiate level. This composition gives us first hand, recent, and relevant experience that other recruiting programs may not have. 


Marcus simmons

Marcus knows the struggle that comes along with the recruitment and scouting process. Marcus excelled in the class room as well as on the field in high school at New Bern and collegiality at East Carolina University. He knew being a great athlete meant you must master the the academic aspect of school first. Marcus is someone who believes that with the right amount of ambition and hunger to succeed anything is possible. 


Jimmy Booth

Jimmy understands the task that is preparing for collegiate athletics prior to his career at East Carolina University. Much like Marcus, Jimmy knows there is a lot that can be done to aid young athletes and their families in the transition to collegiate sports. Jimmy has always felt that diligent work rewards those who enjoy the process, but he also understands the importance of opportunity.